Cage-based Confocal Microscope.jpg

Cryogen-free 4K, low vibration, Attodry cryostat with cage-based confocal microscope.

Closed-cycle, cryogen-free cryostat (3.4 K) for magneto-optical and electrical measurements

Home-built low temperature confocal microscope with nanopositioners (mounted inside the cryostat)

Modehop-free CW Tunable Ti:Sapphire laser (700 nm - 1000nm) 

8 Tesla superconducting magnet with 75 mm sample space (mounted inside the cryostat)

Liquid nitrogen cooled Si CCD camera (back-illuminated, deep depletion, UV optimized) mounted on a 750 mm triple grating spectrometer/monochromator

Instrument rack with electrical and data acquisition instruments

Two-channel Time-Correlated Single-Photon Counting Module (TCSPC) for lifetime and photon correlation measurements

Low dark count (< 20 Hz) Si Avalanche Photodiode (APD)


Dry transfer setup for the fabrication of atomically thin heterostructures

Nano-fabrication and characterization shared facilities at the Department of Physics.